15 Jun

Randy Cole

Mr. Cole is a veteran of the IT Industry having been involved in IT for over 3O years. Randy’s background has come full circle from his early days of installing Point of Sale. He later was a major contributor to starting a Support Center that supported IBM POS Software, IBM POS Hardware, Symbol Handheld devices, and much more.

Mr. Cole was also a major influence in what was once called “line busting”, now referred to as Mobile Point of Sale. He was on the ground floor of the designing, operation, and installation of this application which earned him an “Innovator of the Year” award. This application was introduced to a major high end leather company, and then was used by a Swedish retailer that has a worldwide presents. Today, if you go into a particular cell phone provider that has fruit as a symbol, or if you go through a particular fast-food restaurant that promotes chicken, and these business use a hand held device Mr. Cole was an influencer.

Randy has also been involved in sales and marketing for much of his career. He has been a Client Executive providing ERP software to several international companies including a worldwide chocolate company with corporate offices in the US. He also won a prestigious award when he was awarded and recognized by Microsoft upon selling Microsoft ERP to a large US government entity. Mr. Cole’s experience also includes the distribution channel in both a sales and marketing role.

Other roles have also included being a Director of Sales and Marketing for several US and International Companies with responsibility for all sales, the partner channel, as well as all marketing and shows/events.

Mr. Cole is a lifelong South Carolina resident. He is on the Visitors Board at Anderson University, and he is graduate of Appalachian State University.

Email: cole@fastfetch.biz
Phone: (864) 243-7840

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