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IntelliPack Shipping Cost Optimization

Use FastFetch® light direction technology to make more box options readily available to packers, and Artificial Intelligence to select the right box every time.

The Next Generation of Light-Direct Picking

Simple, Affordable Batch Picking. Lights and voice tell where to pick from bays and where to put on cart.

“2-Phase” Put/Pack Wall Order Fulfillment

Lighted displays tell where to put product into order slots and where to remove completed orders for packing.

“Beyond” Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment System

Lighted displays tell where to pick products from DC locations and place into order containers.

Reverse Logistics

Sort products into small put away zones (a single aisle or even a few bays) in real-time as they come off the truck.

Automobile Assembly Line Kitting & Sequencing

Lights and voice tell where to pick from bays and where to put on transport vehicle. Barcode scanning ensures accuracy.

Dynamic Slotting During Picking

Slot product for each wave into a perfect ‘one-aisle warehouse’ without relocating inventory storage locations.

Dynamic Put Modules

Combine high speed cart picking of high velocity SKUs with bulk picking and put wall sortation of low velocity SKUs, reducing material handling and overall pick-time.

Store Fulfillment System

Combine a bulk picking strategy with a mutli-tiered sortation to rapidly fulfill store replenishment orders.

Order Fulfillment Technology for Vending Pre-kitting

Simple, Affordable Pre-Kitting. Lights on product and cart locations are “coupled” to enable cluster picking.

Picking with LEDs

LED strip directed picking bays paired with FastFetch® batch-picking carts.

FastFetch® Batching Optimization

Minimize the total walk and pick time of a wave of orders, or all available orders in waveless picking.

FastFetch® PTL Differences

FastFetch® goes beyond traditional pick-to-light and cart pickings systems.

FastFetch® Product Comparison

FastFetch® leapfrogs competing technologies.

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