Case Studies

Light-Directed Cart Picking & Automated Takeaway System for Health & Wellness Distribution Center

ETi partnered with FastFetch® to design and deliver a light-directed cart picking system to increase accuracy and throughput for clients. Solution benefits included a substantial reduction of the picking operation footprint, freight costs, picking labor, and void fill. The new system eliminated the need to palletize and stretch-wrap each outbound parcel.

Achieving High-Volume Throughput Performance for Subscription Fulfillment

This case study describes how Saddle Creek Logistics Services created a strategy capable of fulfilling more than 2,500,000 orders per 5-day week for IPSY (now part of BFA Industries), the world’s preeminent personalized beauty subscription company. Personalization is at the heart of the IPSY experience, and most orders are tailored to each customer’s individual beauty preferences.

Innovative Multimodal Technology Breaks Performance Barriers

FastFetch® has developed a multimodal order-fulfillment solution that achieves high productivity through a synergistic combination of pick/put-to-light, voice, and barcode scanning technologies in a single system. The three technologies, working together in a complementary fashion, enable pickers to fulfill multiple orders simultaneously in a hands-free, eyes-up manner without having to view a computer display or a piece of paper. This innovative order-fulfillment strategy yields productivity rates comparable to some of the best highly-automated systems, but at a fraction of the costs.

Snap-on Uses AI and Innovative Logistics to Slash Shipping Costs

This case study describes how Snap-on, a leading supplier of hand and power tools, diagnostic software, and shop equipment, slashed shipping costs at its distribution center in Crystal Lake, IL. The initiative introduced new work processes and new technologies that resulted in significant savings on parcel carrier costs, corrugated materials and dunnage usage, and packing labor. The savings resulted from the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to minimize wasted space in shipping cartons and from a highly effective strategy and supporting technologies for managing the logistics of storing, dispensing, and replenishing shipping cartons.

BuySeasons Achieves Record Productivity with FastFetch® Order-Fulfilment Solutions

This case study describes how BuySeasons, a major online retailer of costumes, accessories, seasonal decor, and party supplies, planned and implemented a new order-fulfillment system that more than tripled picking speed while accommodating a peak-season surge in shipping volumes with significant reductions in direct labor costs. The impressive increases in picking speeds resulted from replacing BuySeasons’ legacy voice-picking technology with 40 batch-picking carts employing multimodal picking technologies and from the introduction of optimized picking strategies.

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