Automobile Assembly Line Kitting & Sequencing

Simple, Affordable Batch Kitting with Sequencing

Lights and voice tell where to pick from bays and where to put on transport vehicle. Kit parts seamlessly while picking.

FastFetch®’s batch picking solution combines the best features of pick-to-light, put-to-light, voice, and wireless barcode scanning technologies into a single cart-based solution that yields significant increases in both the speed and accuracy of piece picking.

System Overview

  • Voice guides the picker through the picking process.
  • Optional lights on product bays highlight pick locations and display pick quantities.
  • Optional lights on the cart highlight put locations and put quantities.
  • Wireless barcode scanning is an alternative to light-directed picking to confirm that the right product was picked.
  • The entire process is orchestrated by a tablet PC without the need for continuous connectivity to a host computer.


  • Inexpensive hardware: Uses only an inexpensive tablet PC to control all picking
  • Secure: Can operate on the assembly line with or without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Simple: No interface to WMS or ERP required since scan of 2D barcode on run sheet (pick list) provides all picking data requirements
  • Clustered Batch Picking/Putting: Workers are directed to retrieve the same SKU for multiple orders, significantly reducing walking time
  • Distributed Operation: Unlike conventional pick-to-light systems, requires no expensive, central computer to control lights
  • Configurable: User interface is dynamically built, based on type of cart used
  • Administrative functions enable supervisors to configure work cells and program operational parameters
  • Flexible: Allows a mix of lighted and non-lighted locations on carts and bays. Can operate with only a tablet PC and no lights.
  • Affordable: ROI payback period is usually between 6 and 12 months


  • Fast: With optional lights on picking/cart locations workers easily find the right location with flashing lights and pick accurately
  • Accurate: Scanning ensures correct products are picked and placed into correct sequence locations on cart
  • Sequencing: Keeps parts sequenced consistent with cars on the assembly line
  • Batch Picking: Enables picking for multiple cars on the assembly line with one trip through the picking area
  • Reduces training time: Easy to operate by new workers, including those who are visually or hearing impaired

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