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piece picking, order picking

Revolutionary Order Picking Technologies

Flexible, Accurate, and Affordable

Low-cost with high accuracy
Highly fault tolerant
Much more than traditional Pick-to-Light

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FastFetch and Snap-on Tools win CSCMP 2019 Supply Chain Innovation Award

IntelliPack uses Artificial Intelligence to slash shipping cost!

FastFetch and Snap-on Tools collaborate to share how Snap-on saved significantly on their shipping costs
Award sponsored by SupplyChainBrain

Batch Picking for e-Commerce and
Store Replensihment

Multi-modal Batch Picking System for Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Scalable for both small and large operations
Minimizes walk time through optimized batching
Works with any WMS/OMS

Kitting and Sequencing for Manufacturing

Ideal for Picking Components for Work Orders

Proven effective for work cells in automotive assembly lines
Supports picking at line speeds with significantly increased worker productivity
Requires no changes in existing systems or processes

Put Walls for Order Building

Bulk Picking and Distribution to Order Slots

Ideal for picking low-velocity SKU's from large areas
Minimizes walk time by bulk picking for multiple put walls with many orders
Supports concurrent putting and picking

Highly Configurable Pick-to-Light System

Supports Special Picking Instructions in Lighted Zones

Uses light-sensitive proximity switches rather than mechanical buttons to confirm picks
Can use water-tight channels to seal components for operation in harsh environments
Works with any WMS

High-Throughput Reverse Logistics Solution

Multi-tier Put Walls Rapidly Sort Diverse Collections of Products Into Destination Locations

Dynamically allocates products to Put-Wall slots
Reconciles returned products against RMA's while sorting
Minimizes put-away time by sorting to destination

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Game-changing Order Fulfillment Solutions

Blending voice, light-directed picking and putting, and wireless barcode scanning technologies into agile order-fulfillment solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

Batch Picking Cart Solutions

FastFetch’s batch picking solution achieves high productivity by fulfilling multiple orders with a single pass through the picking area. Our cart system combines lights, voice, and wireless barcode scanning into an easy-to-use system that yields fast and accurate order fulfillment while permitting the picker to function in a hands-free, eyes-up fashion.

light-directed picking, light-directed putting

Put/Pack Wall Solutions

Put walls can provide effective solutions for order building, sortation, and returns processing and other reverse logistics. Put walls can be augmented with an appropriate mix of light-directed, voice, and wireless barcode scanning technologies as needed for specific applications. FastFetch’s put wall technology supports concurrent putting and packing activities as well as dynamic allocation of put wall slots to further enhance put wall efficiency.

light-directed picking, light-directed putting

Pick-to-light Solutions

Certain picking challenges are best handled by pick-to-light technology. FastFetch offers a modern pick-to-light system that delivers high-throughput picking of high-velocity SKU’s in user-defined zones. FastFetch’s pick-to-light technology is capable of operating in harsh environments and also supports high-definition displays of text and graphics to present special instructions as needed for particular orders.

Shipping Cost Optimization

Shipping excessive air has become more expensive with carriers charging for both size and weight. Fastfetch’s IntelliPack Shipping Cost Optimization System uses artificial intelligence (AI) to compute the dimensions of a carton that accommodates the items to be shipped while minimizing wasted space; it then makes the right-sized carton available on demand as orders are ready to be packed. With right-sized packaging, the average volume of shipping containers can be cut by as much as 30% and yields significant savings on shipping costs.

Some of the companies that benefit from FastFetch

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e-commerce order fulfillment
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